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Welcome to the 8-BitGaming Wikia! 

Hello! I'm the Turquoise Alien and this is a whole Wikia based around the amazing YouTube Channel, 8-BitGaming ran by the two Ryans. I created this Wikia because 8-BitGaming are two of the most awesome people on the Internet. This page will be filled with all things 8-BitGaming so if you like the channel, be sure to stick around and join the community!

8-BitGaming's Channel:


This wiki is only meant for 8-BitGaming content and nothing else. If you have posted something else your account will get blocked from the wiki.

Vandalising is also not allowed. If you are caught vandalising (we can tell as the edit will come up in the edit log) your account will get blocked from the Wikia. To avoid getting vandalised yourself, straight after you have published a post edit it so that only administrators can edit the post. You will still be able to edit your post after you have done that.

Follow these rules and you can carry on using the Wikia! :)

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