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Nathypoo is a nice yet smelly neeky ass boomer who loves his fans almost as much as retirement and pineapple pizza. He has the most epic owner known as chonky and a brill gang of mods. He is a victim of a brick throwing from the notorious 8-BitRyan and he is a scaredy cat. He knows his fans love him to pieces, even if we do take the mick out of him (Jk we hate his guts). Nath has the best community ever, we're very tight-knit. We're also still waiting on bathrobe merch. He hit 10k subs like wow how cool is that (not as cool as Sam) and also he is very nice to us. He is massive, coming at 10ft tall, and has huge muscles, cause he is sporty and hench (yet not as hench as Em obviously), unlike chonky. Chonky is best boi and doesn't need to be strong, he's a cutie. He has the best partner ever, her name is Nurgik and we love her more than Nath (follow her on twitch too @Nurgik). His favorite game is Welcome to the Game 2, and he is a world class game breaker and bug finder. Nath also has no eyebrows (see photo for reference). He likes to make fun of the Australian for being in a different time zone (please don't kill me). And last but certainly not least; His favorite and best moderator on Twitch and Discord is Stryker_beast (Jk we all know it is Em) wholesome 100 chungus.

Edits are approved by Nath, before you ban this is not vandalism he thought it was funny

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